Disebalik "UFO Crop Circle?" atau lingkaran Misteri.

Posted: September 24, 2009 in Misteri
“UFO Circle” atau lingkaran yang berupa bentuk geomantri dan pelbagai yang dipercayai dibentuk oleh “Alien” untuk menyampaikan mesej kepada manusia . Anda pernah mendengar mengenainya? . Misteri kembali lagi , adakah ianya benar ciptaan “Alien” atau sengaja diadakan .

“UFO Circle” sebenarnya adalah ciptaan manusia atau kumpulan circlemakers.org dan ianya tiada kena mengena dengan maklukh asing .

Lingkaran misteri yang dianggap mesej daripada “Alien” kepada penduduk bumi.

Sebahagian petikan yang diambil dari laman web circlemakers.org

SilburyNEWS UPDATE 17-07-2009:
It’s been a great season so far this year with some spectacular designs capturing the media and by extension the public’s imagination. Arguably the most spectacular to date was discovered opposite Silbury Hill in Wiltshire in early July. The design utilises a Mayan motif and has been variously described as “spellbinding” and “stunning” by visitors.

For those of you who have been following Colin Andrews’ recent breathless updates about a Wiltshire policeman allegedly seeing tall blonde beings inspecting the Silbury Hill crop circle we’ve created this new page especially or you.

Nat GeoNEWS UPDATE 16-07-2009:
We were recently asked to participate in a documentary being made for National Geographic TV. They asked a mathematician from University College London to draw a design that we would then reproduce under cover of darkness in a 4 hour window. The design we were sent uses the ‘Circles of Apollonius‘. The show will air internationally on the National Geographic channel early next year. Above is a photo of the completed design and here is the diagram we worked from.

NEWS UPDATE 05-06-2009:
As we hurtle towards the allegedly paradigm shifting year of 2012, the cultural swing back towards the irrational is well under way. The British media seems to have fallen back in love with crop circles this summer, with major coverage in The Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail and on the BBC to date.

SITE UPDATE 22-10-2005:
Well, the crops are harvested and the circles phenomenon here in the UK is packed up for yet another year. So let’s take a look back and reflect on the 2005 season. This was a special year fJellyfishor us here at circlemakers.org as it marked our tenth year online, and it certainly lived up to our expectations. We’ve had a very busy 2005, it’s been a bit of a blur to be honest and our busiest summer to date. The crop circle season didn’t disappoint, there were some truly spectacular circles laid down in fields across Southern England with many pushing the phenomenon into new uncharted geometric and symbolic territory. Experimentation and innovation seemed to be this seasons themes. Pictured above right, formation which appeared near Savernake Forest in July 2005.

Iklhas ,
Mr. J @ Bungai Pengrindu

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