How to View Private Profile COMMENTS

Posted: June 20, 2009 in Computer, hacker
How to View Private Profile COMMENTS!!

  • 1st choose any private frienster profile.
  • Remember the he / she ID .. cth dibawah screen shot.. CLick view large.

  • and u dah tau kan ID dia adalah 100290814
  • and sekarang buka broswer baru and pastekan ni:

The Lastly letakkan full dengan ID no dia tadi.. example:

and ENTER!!!

Hacker in da club.. so this is a simple tut’ How to view Comment on Private FS .

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*anda ingin tau macamana nak view Private Pic right?.. hihihihi.. adioss…

*4those who have a private pic on their Fs please remove it .. Fs / Myspace is not secure… thanks… im wacthing ur….. private pic babeh…… beware….

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