Pendam disekumbang urang

Posted: April 8, 2009 in Isu Semasa


Gambar Tulang dikasak ke bala ke belik.. nama meh nyekubang pendam org ke udah pahai.. enti pedam aku kasak sikda regau aku bala sikda…

Six tombs found desecrated at Iban cemetery

SIBU: Six tombs at an Iban cemetery at Mile 5, Oya Road here were found dug up by intruders recently.

DISRESPECTFUL: A skull and bone found on the ground at the cemetery.

The latest case occurred at a cemetery that is shared by two longhouses – Rumah Dick and Rumah Bungan at Mile 8, Oya Road.

A longhouse dweller, Badong Sanden said the longhouse folk discovered about it when they went to the cemetery for a burial recently.

“This is the second case. The first one was last year when 15 tombs were found desecrated,” he said.

The Borneo Post was made to understand that of the six tombs found dug, five were that of women.

Badong said he was saddened by the fact that the bones of those buried were left all over the ground by the intruders.

“In fact there were no more bones left in some of the tombs,” he said when met here yesterday.

He said a police report was yet to be lodged by the family members of those whose graves were destroyed.

Badong said the residents of the two longhouses had carried out a ‘gotong-royong’ project to re-bury the bones and repair the damages to the six tombs.


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