Ah beng goes to an job interview ….

Posted: January 20, 2009 in lawak

Ah beng goes to an job interview and asked to fill the application form.. so he fills in…

1 Name: Ah Beng
2 NRIC No.: 12345
3 Age: 30


Ah Beng comes back 2 his car & find a note saying “Parking Fine”
He Writes a note and sticks it to a pole “Thanks for complement.”


Ah Beng : If I die, will u remarry?
Wife: No! I’ll stay with my sister. But if I die will u remarry?
Ah Beng : No, I’ll also stay with your sister.


At a bar in New York, the man to Ah Beng’s left tells the bartender, “JOHNNIE WALKER, SINGLE” and his companion says, “JACK DANIELS, SINGLE”.
The bartender approaches Ah Beng and asks,”AND YOU, SIR?”
Ah Beng replies : “Tan Ah Beng, MARRIED.”

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